As firefighters, we spend most of their time responding to home heating emergencies, natural gas fires and emergencies, water leaks, vehicle fires, electrical emergencies and fires, kitchen fires, mattress fires, trash fires and carbon monoxide emergencies.  Typically, we don't spend much of our training time on these 'routine' responses.  My book addresses what I perceive as a training need.  I dissect the types of responses that firefighters most frequently encounter and offer suggestions for tactics, warn about potential dangers and explain not only what must be done, but also why it must be done.  It is my hope that this book will spark the conversation and thought necessary to ensure that all firefighters are adequately trained for the types of responses that we 'routinely' respond to.  The book offers insights to both firefighters and officers.  

It just makes sense to spend some time reading, discussing and training on what you do most.