Additional Articles

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- "The Facts About Rabies" Fire Engineering February 1995 pg. 42
- "Rabies Fact & Fiction " WNYF 3rd/2010 pg 9
- "Why Do We Do That"  Disconnect Battery at accidents, sparking outlets, use the gas meter, and more
Fire Engineering June 2004
- "Why Do We Do That" Portable Ladder Placement, Step Potential & Medal Deck Roof Fires
Fire Engineering December 2004 Pg. 51
- "Why Do We Do That"  Nozzle Position At Vehicle Extrication, Car Fires & Search At Accidents)
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- "Why Do We Do That" Flush hydrant, No water on LNG, Don't Cut Gypsum Roofs
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- "Why Do We Do That"  Co Detectors, Shut Gas Valves, Hose Line Safety,
Fire Engineering April 2006
- "Why Do We Do That?" Fire Escape Safety, Distributer Nozzles, Roof Venting  Fire Engineering July 2006 Pg. 95

"Risk Taking on the Fireground"
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"Oil Burner Emergencies And Fires" - Published On Fire Engineering's Website

"Oil Burner Fires and Emergencies" - WNYF 3/2001

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